Welcome to the website of Barcoo Films / Scott Preston. I supply my services (cinematographer, shooting producer-director, editor and writer) to production companies and broadcasters and also create original programs, commercials and content. I have shot productions in over 60 countries and throughout Australia, encompassing a diversity of genres.

My experience includes long and short form documentaries, television programmes, commercials, feature films, industrial & corporate productions, social media, music videos, live concerts, news events and experimental films. I have worked with many leading Australian and international production companies, broadcasters, agencies, brands, government and non-government organisations.

Please check out my showreel and video showcase above. Scroll down for further information and to view the photo gallery.


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    Govt & NGO

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    Feature Film
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A broad range of documentary and television projects undertaken for many of the world’s leading broadcasters, Australian television networks and streaming companies. Genres include history, science, nature, technology, engineering, travel, food & lifestyle, motoring, news, current affairs, live broadcast, events, finance and reality-TV.

Production Companies & Agencies

Projects and content production for leading production companies and agencies in Australia and from all around the globe. Genres include feature films, commercials, documentaries, television programmes, online content, industrial and corporate productions.

Brands & Companies

Productions undertaken for many Australian and global brands. Projects include commercials, tv segments, social media content, promotional videos, manufacturing and industrial documentaries, video billboard content, sponsored live music concerts and events.

Government & NGO

Educational, factual and promotional content for broadcast, cinema, online and internal distribution. Topics include road safety, animal welfare, wildlife preservation, climate change, sustainable development, historic site preservation, migrant workers’ initiatives and health care in developing countries.


Experienced with a broad scope of projects and budgets; extensive production experience across Australia and internationally; a creative, practical and professional approach; flexibility to scale production up or down for each project as needed.

Barcoo Films is based in Sydney, Australia. Scott Preston is a B.A cinematography graduate of the Australian Film and Television School, a member of Screen Producers Australia and the Australian Cinematographers’ Society.

Previously based in Asia for 17 years, I have a well-established network of trusted fixers, crews and facilities in Thailand that can cater for all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production in most South-East Asian countries.

Barcoo Films acknowledges Indigenous Australians as the traditional custodians of the lands, seas and skies of Australia and pays respect to Elders both past and present.



Tel 0468-799-819


PO Box 3402 Wareemba NSW 2046 Australia

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